Sunday, January 6, 2008

2007 A Recap

Soccer 2007

We spent many spring evenings watching Jaden's first season of soccer with Farmington's under 10 traveling team!

Andy and Jaden on a swing at a park we frequented...

dumping Jaden off the swing - who's the kid here? :)

Summer 2007

Jaden, Sapphire and Dominick on our patio, I think we were admiring the new flowers now that the weather had warmed up in June!

Jaden and his buddy Devonne fishing at a "hidden" lake this summer...

Dominick also joined in on the fun!

4th of July 2007

Jaden and Andy awaited the fireworks display on the 4th of July - can you tell how excited they were?? Apple Valley's display is always packed with families so we had to arrive over an hour before they began!

Dominick looked just as excited to wait for the fireworks! We found it was worth the wait and realized we sat very close to where they were set off because chunks of ashes were falling from the sky on us during the show!

We attend the Apple Valley Parade every 4th of July - the jets (?) that fly overhead prior to the start of the parade are always amazing (so were the sunburns some got because they "forgot" to put on sunscreen)! :)

Duluth 2007

This summer we took our first trip to Duluth together, it was unbelievably hot (in the 90's every day), considering it's usually cool by Lake Superior.

Lisa, Andy, Jaden & Dominick on a "Pizza Cruise" in Duluth.

Jaden and Dominick IN Gooseberry Falls, Duluth.

Jaden and Dominick had a blast climbing the rocks and cliffs at Gooseberry Falls, we spent an entire day there.

The boys had fun throwing rocks down from a cliff when we were hiking on a trail out to Split Rock Point at Lake Superior.

Dominick turned 7!

Dominick's 7th birthday fell during our trip to Duluth this summer, so we had a small celebration after arriving home - this must be his birthday dance...

Dominick enjoyed his 'singing' card from Jaden.

Football 2007

Jaden played his first season of football this fall, we're thinking the most difficult part was getting used to the nut cup - it was a challenge to put the annoyance aside at the beginning of EVERY practice! :)

1st Day of School 2007

Jaden & Dominick's first day at their new school, North Trail Elementary.

Jaden 3rd grade

Dominick 2nd grade

Fall 2007

A few quick fall photos at the same park in Eagan we all snowshoed at when the cousins/aunt/uncles were here from Texas, North Carolina and Montana.

Jensen Lake

Halloween 2007

Halloween night... the boys managed to hit every house in our neighborhood - this marked the first year the candy filled the entire dining room table and we gave nearly all of it away... Devonne and Jake joined us.

Jaden turned 9!

Who HASN'T played guitar hero yet?? Uncle Eric and auntie Erin were here during Jaden's birthday - Jaden had to show him how it's done...

Christmas 2007

Grandma Terri and Gregg (along with Sophie and Ginger) on Christmas Eve came up to celebrate with us...

Our Christmas celebration went on for nearly a week this year, it was so good to be surrounded by family and friends (and be off from school and work!) - Jaden and Dominick were sledding with their cousin's Brody and Lexi at the farm in Kent, MN on the Red River.

Lisa and Erin supervised the kids (and posed for a quick photo)...

Happy New Year to all - it's going to be a GREAT 2008!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Welcome to our blog! We were definitely motivated by the DiMarco's family blogs, what a great way to keep in touch! We look forward to sharing our memories with you as we make them!
With Love, Lisa, Andy, Jaden & Dominick